Member Agency

Member Agency

Join the team that helps distribute the food

We could not do what we do without our awesome agency partners!

Become a Member Agency

Member agencies are vital in helping us achieve our mission. Our network of partner agencies help distribute food throughout the year to those struggling with hunger throughout the counties we serve. Member agencies distributes 2 million pounds of food annually.

When you partner with us, you join a large circle of support. As a member agency you will not only have access to a vast selection of nutritious food, but as one of our agencies you will have access to best practices training, help ensuring your program meets food safety standards, and advocacy work on behalf of the hungry. For more information about the benefits of becoming a partner contact us below.

Becoming a member agency

Qualifications for Member Agencies:

To partner with the Food Bank, all member agencies must:

  • Be an agency that serves the needy or other special needs groups
  • Distribute food directly to its clients in the form of meals or packaged food boxes for emergency use
  • May NOT charge clients for meals served or food received
  • Provide adequate, clean food storage
  • Be a recognized church or a tax exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) charity
  • Maintain all records as required by the Food Bank
  • Support the Food Bank by participating in the shared maintenance fee for food received from the Food Bank
  • Give Civil Rights Assurances to clients served
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