Executive Director

Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jean moved to Tuscaloosa 28 years ago. She began working as the executive director for the West Alabama Food Bank in December of 2015. Before joining the Food Bank, Jean worked as a teacher, moved into the non-profit sector, and spent some time in the automotive industry.

She enjoys the work that they do at the West Alabama Food Bank, helping take care of those who are facing difficult times, whether it is short term or long term. “ To know that we have a small part in helping people reach the ultimate best they can be in their lives by providing food and services for them is priceless. In the non-profit world, you will never become rich, but at the end of the day I know I made a difference in someone’s life.” Rooted in her teaching background, Jean loves serving her community through the West Alabama Food Bank. “I know that families are being taken care of. We are making a difference, even though it might be small. I’m not going to bed like I was in the automotive world where it didn’t effect anyone; it was a car. This actually matters.”